Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Rock, Metal
So 9. Juni 19:00
+ Special Guest

Genre: Rock, Metal

20TOKENS+special guests: first European tour

On 9th of June 2024 alt rock/metal band 20TOKENS performs in Berlin with their program for the first time.

The alternative metal performer 20TOKENS is well-known in the industry of heavy music. Their distinctive brand of hard-hitting riffs, forceful vocals, and eerie melodies provide listeners with a lasting impression.

20TOKENS have amassed a devoted following of fans who value the unadulterated intensity of their music thanks to their concentration on providing an emotionally charged experience. Being able to stand out in a crowded field and experiment with various sounds has helped them establish themselves as one of the most interesting metal acts.

20TOKENS is a testament to the ability of music to move and inspire people as a whole. They keep pushing the limits of what is possible in the alternative metal genre with their unyielding dedication to their craft and uncompromising approach to songwriting.