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Di 11. Juli 2023
Adam Melchor

Europe Tour 2023

Genre: Folk

Coming off a recent breakup and with a community of incredible collaborators alongside him, Adam Melchor has dropped his stunning debut album, Here Goes Nothing! With the help of songwriters like Charlie Puth, Lennon Stella, Emily Warren and Andrew Sarlo, the album documents the highs and lows of a long-distance relationship.

The album’s first single, Turnham Green, emerged over the course of a neighborhood walk with pop writer Warren. The track sets a tone for the album—reflective, melancholy, but melodically bright.

“Sad music doesn’t have to just be one feeling,” notes Melchor. “A lot of times you can make music that isn’t someone’s personal experience but you can find a way to make the listener feel heard in their pain and their growth.

Melchor’s work is connection-driven. His lyrics dive into his relationships with family, lovers and himself. He writes, records and produces with an impressive list of collaborators turned friends.

Operating under the motto “be good to people and things will work out,” Melchor has made his way from playing covers at mom-and-pop restaurants to writing and recording with some of the biggest names in indie rock and pop music. His debut album features a top-tier lineup of collaborators, including Puth, Stella, Warren and Sarlo while also featuring Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes) on the track Let Me Know When. Melchor’s quick to highlight the tight bond between his work and his close friendships.

“Having someone who’s ears you depend on and heart you can trust—those are the people you have to keep close,” says Melchor. “If you can surround yourself with people who make you feel great, you’re gonna write something that’s great even if it’s something that’s really sad or angry, you’re still gonna have a good feeling about it.”

Co-produced by Melchor and Henry Kwapis (Benny Blanco, Dijon), Here Goes Nothing! strikes that balance, drawing on Melchor’s dive into his friends and mentors debut albums.

“We really focused on simple production that leaves space for the songs,” Melchor recalls. “Our concept for the whole album was to have songs that sound like they’re just being played and sung by one person but when you really listen to it, there’s so many deep layers going on. So, as you listen to it you can hear something new every time but the production doesn’t override any of the songwriting elements. It takes somebody like Henry to do that in an interesting way.”

Heading off on tour, Adam’s future is bright – and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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