Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Chiptune / Indie
Do 19. März 2020
Veranstaltung wurde abgesagt / Event has been canceled

Some might view this as extreme (media def doing a good job at sensationalizing this moment), but we promise it’s quite the opposite to us. This isn’t driven by fear or panic — and no one should be feeling this way — its simply an inopportune circumstance for what we’re trying to do, and thankfully, we have the ability to reschedule these concerts to a better time. It’s like that Alanis Morissette track “ironic” with rain on your wedding day or whatever.. takes us 5 years to finally book another U.K./euro tour and of course some dang global pandemic type thing breaks out right before lol. But unlike that Alanis track, we can actually do something about the ~irony~ of this timing— with the help of very understanding agents + promoters— and move our “wedding” to a better suited “not rainy” day.

The UK shows will now take place in late summer (with Glasgow added on!) along with Denmark and the Netherlands. Tickets already purchased for all of these shows will be honored for the new dates. Our concerts in Spain, Germany and France are also being rescheduled, and will happen together on another run at a later date to be announced. We’ll spend the next two weeks quarantined in our studios, working on some new music… who knows, maybe we’ll have a couple new things to play for you by the time the new dates happen 😉 Thank you for understanding, and obvi feel free to reach out to us about anything .

Genre: Chiptune / Indie

Anamanaguchi ist eine vierköpfige Chiptune Indie Band, die 2004 in New York gegründet wurde. Inspiriert von alten Nintendo Games wie Super Mario Brothers, Zelda und Megaman, produzieren Anamanaguchi einzigartig experimentelle Tracks. Neben traditionellen Bandinstrumenten nutzen Anamanaguchi alte Gaming Hardware aus den späten 80er Jahren. Gitarren gehören bei der New Yorker Band genauso zum Band Setup wie NES oder Gameboys. Sänger und Gitarrist Peter Berkman sagte in einem Interview, dass ihr Sound gleichermaßen von Videospielen, wie auch von einfacher Pop-Musik wie Weezer, Beach Boys oder Janet Jackson beeinflusst wird. Dass Anamanaguchi auch Inspiration in der japanischen Musikkultur finden, erkennt man schnell an den bisherigen Album Covern. Insgesamt drei Studioalben hat die Chiptune Band bisher hervorgebracht: Dawn Metropolis (2009), Endless Fantasy (2013) und [USA] (VÖ 25.10.2019)

Örtlicher Veranstalter: Melt! Booking