Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Hip Hop, Afro Beats
Lesung & Party
Sa 29. Juni 2019
Lesung & Party
Andy I. Svikiro – I Came In Blind
Cocktail Book Launch & Party

Genre: Hip Hop, Afro Beats

Reading – Q&A with the author – book signings
Party: DJ Taku & DJ Jay

I came in blind
Tales of a young African in Germany

She came with passion and high hopes, but soon she found herself isolated, deceived and homeless in a multifaceted foreign country. Being young, naive and stubborn, her dream of education was brutally and abruptly crushed.

Ashamed of returning home a failure and a disgrace, Chipo navigated Berlin with a heart of a wounded lioness. She was manipulated, betrayed and abused, but her innocence proved her guilty to the crimes that later incurred, as the shadows of her dark deeds began to unravel.