Wir öffnen für Euch wieder  am 1.Oktober. Vorerst ist die Öffnung laut aktueller Verordnung des Berliner Senats nur für 2G möglich. Wir hoffen, dass es bald wieder möglich sein wird, Euch alle wieder als Gäste begrüßen zu dürfen.

We will open again for you on October 1st. According to the current ordinance of the Senate of Berlin, we can only welcome you with 2G. We hope to welcome back all of you as soon as possible.

Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Hip Hop, Afro Beats
Lesung & Party
Sa 29. Juni 2019
Lesung & Party
Andy I. Svikiro – I Came In Blind
Cocktail Book Launch & Party

Genre: Hip Hop, Afro Beats

Reading – Q&A with the author – book signings
Party: DJ Taku & DJ Jay

I came in blind
Tales of a young African in Germany

She came with passion and high hopes, but soon she found herself isolated, deceived and homeless in a multifaceted foreign country. Being young, naive and stubborn, her dream of education was brutally and abruptly crushed.

Ashamed of returning home a failure and a disgrace, Chipo navigated Berlin with a heart of a wounded lioness. She was manipulated, betrayed and abused, but her innocence proved her guilty to the crimes that later incurred, as the shadows of her dark deeds began to unravel.