Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Pop / Rock / Electro
Do 9. Juni 2022
Brimheim + GRETA + Rebecca Lou
präsentiert von FluxFM, Nothing But Hope And Passion, Untoldency, W.A.S. Entertainment, Echelon Talent Agency and Better Things

CPH X BLN: Brimheim, GRETA and Rebecca Lou live in Berlin!

Genre: Pop / Rock / Electro

Brimheim, GRETA & Rebecca Lou: The three up-and-coming artists from Copenhagen are coming to Berlin on Thursday, June 9 for an exclusive show! Presented by the Danish boutique label W.A.S. Entertainment in collaboration with Better Things, this evening will demonstrate the uniqueness and diversity of the Danish music scene: Brimheim enchants with her melancholic, melodic and intellectual indie rock; GRETA mixes disco nostalgia with futuristic sounds to create her own dream/electro pop; and Rebecca Lou delivers her fresh take on rock and punk with a pop attitude.

BRIMHEIM: The person behind this name is the Danish-Faroese singer-songwriter Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff. Her moniker is a tribute to her Faroese roots and translates to „home of the breaking waves.“ Brimheim lives in Copenhagen and makes enchanting, driving indie rock: Caroline Polachek meets PJ Harvey. Brimheim’s debut album „can’t hate myself into a different shape“ was released on January 28. The eclectic record is inspired by everything from Shlomo, Taylor Swift and Perfume Genius to Portishead, Mitski and Jeff Buckley. She has used the album as a way to process existential angst and transform it into something liberating and life-affirming.

GRETA: Copenhagen-based German artist GRETA moves through her own magical universe, where transcendence and futurism merge with nostalgia and the familiar into a musical yin yang. GRETA’s dazzling synth-pop songs are inspired by pop icons like ABBA and Kate Bush, and, unsurprisingly, are full of nostalgia for that reason. On her new album „Forever We’ll Be Dancing,“ which was created during the last hard lockdown and was released on February 4th, she sings introspectively about love, euphoria and, above all, longing. In a very pragmatic sense: longing for the clubs of Berlin, longing for social contacts – and about trying to find a way out of emotional darkness.

REBECCA LOU: That the wildness of rock can’t be paired with the brightness of pop music is a stubborn myth. Rebecca Lou destroys that myth completely. She knows how to make trashy punk with doom guitars and heavy leather jackets, but her music also has a strong connection to pop’s aesthetics with mellow chords, elegant melodies and hooks that will stick to your brain like a stubborn pop song. Rebecca Lou conveys strong messages of self love and courage that she hopes will encourage others to be who they really are.

Örtlicher Veranstalter: Better Things