Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Fr 3. April 2020
Christopher Paul Stelling
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Genre: Folk

Christopher Paul Stelling
„It’s not Americana or alt anything, it’s really just soulful folk music,”
Ben Harper says of “ Best of Luck“, the new album by Christopher Paul Stelling,
which he produced.
The album’s title, Best Of Luck, mirrored perfectly the emotional landscape in which it was created. “Depending on how you say it, it can either be a blessing or a dismissal,” Stelling says.
“And that was exactly the point I was coming to with myself, my career as an artist, as a friend and as a person.”
The recording of Best Of Luck culminated on a rainy night in Los Angeles,
but the whole thing really began back in North Carolina.
Stelling calls Asheville home, though he has been in a state of near constant motion for years. Leaving Florida while young to roam and perfect his craft, he made stops in Colorado, Boston, Seattle, New York and eventually North Carolina – all interspersed with relentless touring – hundreds of performances a year, in bars, coffee houses, nightclubs and theaters.
“The lifestyle of constant touring was gaining on me,” Stelling says.
“And then I was back home, and in the abrupt silence, there was a clarity.
The fumes of hubris I had been running on for years were all but gone and my relationship with my environment and myself had turned toxic. I was scared but resolved to persevere.
On Christmas Day, after a few false starts, I gave up drinking and decided to take a look at myself.”

“The richly layered storytelling of John Prine, the croon-to-howl hybrid vocal of Tom Waits and Glen Hansard, and an intricately finger-picked guitar style that lands somewhere between Lead Belly and Lindsey Buckingham.”— ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE

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