Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Mo 27. Juni 2022
Daniel Romano’s Outfit
Support: Carson McHone

Genre: Rock

With your left eye closed, Daniel Romano seems a master synthesizer of sound and genre, a collage artist combining the corrupted influences of a century of so-called popular music forms, a chameleonic acrobat with a near-criminal authenticity. With the other, he’s revealed as a sincerely dedicated, passionately motivated songwriter aghast at the injustices of the world, a caring bandleader and generous collaborator, a spirited and shockingly playful artist tapped into a great, unyielding inspiration. Daniel has been productive with Kissing the Foe, his latest 12-song collection of tunes. According to the liner notes, Romano plays „everything“ on the LP, which he also mixed. There are also contributions from pianist Mark Lalama, trumpet player Aaron Hutchinson and vocalist Carson McHone. Expect triumphant horn sections, velvety orchestral melodies, and country jazz-rock cross-stitched together in Romano’s self-built recording studio that has hastened his precipitous creative output.