Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Edits / Reworks / Philly Soul / Post-Disco / Boogie / Discofunk
Sa 5. November 2016
Disco League
A special club night series for the secret history of Disco

Genre: Edits / Reworks / Philly Soul / Post-Disco / Boogie / Discofunk

A special club night series for the secret history of Disco
First Touch [Omega Supreme Records]

First Touch is a Band, DJ Team and Music Production Group from Germany. They are best known for their Boogie, Funk and House Productions.

During the 1990’s the guys shared their musical and cultural interest and later managed to esthablish the monthly Soul Delicious club night at Soho. From there, they built a portfolio of strategic music productions that stood out. Bundling upon the energy of their surroundings, they co-founded Highsteppin‘ Records, and later branched off to become First Touch.

Their self-titled album released in 2009 is considered a funk sure shot. It was followed by diverse remixes, features, radio shows, releases and lately appearances on Hot Shot Sounds, Born to Shine and Portland’s own Omega Supreme Records.

The DISCO LEAGUE is a special monthly club night series for the secret history and future of Disco. We support modern artists and DJs who still believe in positive vibes. Often you will hear fresh club sounds based on Philly Soul, Discofunk, Boogie, Salsoul and Post-Disco but we also play classy originals and deep tracks for diggers. We promise: At our events you can explore „The Real Disco Motion“ beyond clichées – while being together with Berlins alternative and multisexual dance scene.

DISCO LEAGUE in german media
„Mit der neuen Partyreihe ‚Disco League‘ setzt der Privatclub einen schönen Kontrapunkt zum sonstigen Elektroprogramm Berlins.“
– Mitvergnügen Berlin

„Wer die ‚Horse Meat Disco‘ vermisst, der kann aufatmen. Disco ist zurück im dicken B.“

„Die neue Partyreihe im Kreuzberger Privatclub holt das authentische Disco Feeling der goldenen Jahre zurück aufs Parkett.“

„Im Mai startete diese multisexuelle Party und huldigt nun einmal im Monat dem Glanz und Gloria des originalen Disco-Sounds: über Boogie bis Philly Soul ganz im Stil des legendären Studio 54.“
– Siegessäule