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Liebe Gäste.

Auf Grund der Verordnung des Berliner Senats, müssen auf Grund der Corona Virus Krise auch alle Clubs und Konzertstätten ab Samstag, den 14.März 2020 bis einschließlich 19.April 2020 schließen. Es ist für alle eine schwierige Zeit und wir sind sehr traurig über dass, was gerade passiert. Trotzdem sind wir voller Zuversicht und hoffen, dass wir euch, sobald diese schwierige Zeit überstanden ist, wieder bei uns im Privatclub bei tollen Konzerten und Parties begrüßen dürfen.

Wir wünschen Euch solange allen viel Glück, Mut und vor allem Gesundheit. Euer Privatclub Team

Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Jazz / Hip Hop
Fr 5. Mai 2017
XJAZZ Festival 2017

EABS seeks to breathe fire into jazz bringing back its former glory ignoring clichés, exploring and experimenting.

Genre: Jazz / Hip Hop

In the beginning EABS was sort of a movement, idea – reconstruction of deconstruction. It was a tribute to Ahmad Jamal, Gil Scott-Heron, Jay Dee, Pete Rock and many more musical icons. The first sessions gathered mainly improvising musicians. Some of them have found about this event by chance. Unexpectedly, EABS host crew has extended by few musicians who came to play on the sessions regularly. Thus, the band has become a collage of talented characters who came out of different styles and genres. Ultimately, EABS is a septet.EABS is the innovative approach to jazz through the prism of hip-hop vibe, vibe which brought up these musicians. They blend elements of soul, funk, hip-hop or electro keeping up with fresh approach to composition. What is more, EABS seeks to breathe fire into jazz bringing back its former glory ignoring clichés, exploring and experimenting.

After a very successful project “Memorial to Miles”, where EABS took the audience on a journey through 40 years of evolution of Miles Davis, refreshing compositions from the period of 1956-1991, the time came for tribute to Komeda called “Repetitions”. Krzysztof Komeda’s compositions have always played in hearts of EABS musicians. Pianist – Marek Pędziwiatr won award for jazz composition at the 5th Krzysztof Komeda’s Composers Competitions in 2008. In the upcoming season the band will prepare their own interpretation of Komeda’s less known film music. Musicians will certainly perform compositions such as: “Niekochana”, “Pingwin”, “Perły I Dukaty” or “Sult”. What is more, there will be jazz classics from the album “Astigmatic” or less known jazz & poetry recordings as “Meine Süsse Europäische Heimat”.

Örtlicher Veranstalter: XJAZZ gGmbH