Halt’s Maul und lies!

DIE ÄRZTE lesen für Berliner Liveclubs aus FILs „Didi & Stulle“

Berliner Liveclubs veranstalten gemeinsam eine Lesung mit der Berliner Band die ärzte (ohne Rod). Bela & Farin lesen (ohne Rod und ohne Live-Publikum) im legendären Berliner Club SO36 aus „Didi & Stulle“, dem Meisterwerk des formidablen Berliner Comic-Tausendsassas Fil. Der Eintritt zur exklusiven Ausstrahlung der Lesung ist freiwillig und in der Höhe frei wählbar. Es gilt: Viel hilft viel. Alle Eintrittsgelder kommen renommierten Berliner Livekonzert-Clubs zu Gute, die Corona-bedingt geschlossen haben und um ihre Existenz kämpfen.

die ärzte lesen aus „Didi & Stulle“:


FAQ zur Lesung: https://www.bademeister.com/dieaerztelesenfaq



die ärzte sind Die Beste Band der Welt, kommen aus Berlin (aus Berlin!) und bestehen aus Bela B, Farin Urlaub und Rodrigo González.Fil ist Der Lustigste Mensch des Universums, Comiczeichner und -autor, Sänger, Entertainer, Genie und Wahnsinn und kommt aus Berlin.Didi & Stulle sind die berühmtesten Comicfiguren von Fil, hatten ihren ersten Aufritt Mitte der 80er-Jahre im Berliner Stadtmagazin Zitty, wo sie ab 1997 regelmäßig erschienen, und kommen aus Berlin.Das SO36 ist einer der bekanntesten Konzertclubs des Landes und existiert in dieser Form seit 1978. In Berlin.

Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Rap, Trap
Mo 30. April 2018
Girls Killing It
A Night of Rap, Trap, Bass, Future Beats

Genre: Rap, Trap


JAMIIE (Berlin)
PAM BAM (Berlin)


“Girls Killing It” is a collective of female artists who all share a true love for music. With members being dancers, rappers, producers, DJs or beatmakers, GKIT curate events which showcase the diversity of the Hip Hop culture in Europe and beyond.

For this second edition, GKIT want to highlight the work of 5 very talented Afro-descendant artists who will take us along from the coast of Africa to the West Indies on their own electrifying musical journey !

A Paris based producer, Ka(ra)mi is the second half of the Afro Electro Soul music duo Kami Awori. A trained classical pianist, Ka(ra)mi is a sound architect who has the unique capacity to create polyrhythmic sounds filled with afro-carribeans percussions, beats and bass. We are looking forward to see her perform live !

Young and talented R’n’B singer-producer from New York, Duendita is discovering Berlin through a musical residency here. She’s currently working on her forthcoming album « in direct line to my Creator » and will, without any doubt, surprised us with some original rendition of her already critically-acclaimed released tracks. Her talent will bring her far and we are proud to be part of her « early » fan base !

Multi-tasks, they are few things that Marina Wilson aka Cheetah can’t do. The Cameroonian raised and Paris based DJ/Producer/Radiohost will be performing for the first time in Germany. Her sound being heavily influenced by her African roots, expect to hear the latest bangers and remixes coming straight from the streets of Lagos, Kampala or Luanda. We just can’t wait to see her set the dancefloor on fire !

Hip Hop meets Afrobeats fusing with Electronic sounds is what JAMIIE is bringing to the table and that’s all we need to start the night right! A versatile DJ, she’s able to navigate with ease through various musical environnments, JAMIIE is always bringing all her charisma and inspiration to make us feel the groove. It’s the second time we are having JAMIIE at GKIT and we can’t wait to see her back behind our decks again!

A staple of the Berlin Afro Hip Hop nights, Pam is always ready to bring that extra flavor to any good party in Town. Navigating between Berlin, Accra and Jo’burg, Pam takes on music is always innovative and fresh. Expect from her late set at GKIT no down tempo ! Pam will be pushing the energy up until the early hours of the morning, so don’t forget to hydrate and be prepared to D.A.N.C.E !