Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Rock, Glam, Punk
Di 6. Februar 2024
Johnny Majestic
Support: The Nukes + Inspectre

Genre: Rock, Glam, Punk

Los Angeles-based artist Johnny Majestic live in Europe for the FIRST time ever with his melodic modern take on glam rock, reminiscent of David Bowie or The Darkness. Come join the party in Berlin at Privatclub Feb 6th. With special guests Yasha96, The Nukes and Inspectre

JOHNNY MAJESTIC (US) – Rock, Pop, Glam Rock

Johnny Majestic makes pop-rock of the future shaped by flashes of the past. His songs effortlessly fuse Hi-NRG dance grooves, hyperpop synth squiggles and hair-metal guitar shred into an excitingly modern art form, with a genre-bending playfulness that vividly comes across in his videos, his social media and his charismatic live performances. It all adds up to something that’s sharp and fresh enough for the TikTok generation, yet resonates just as powerfully with listeners looking for a new rock n’ roll hero.

Yasha 96 (DE/CZ) – Pop, Alternative

An Indie Pop project conceived by Jachym Kovar and currently based in Berlin, draws its inspiration from the evocative singer-songwriter sound of the 90s. This project skillfully merges the nostalgic vibes of that era with a fresh and contemporary Indie Pop sound.


The Nukes stand first and foremost against any kind of discrimination. Their Music alike reflects their beliefs combined with romanticism, subtle and pompous sarcasm, antifascist texts, criticism on society and upon themselves as well as pinches of trash and horror. Preapocalyptic punkrock, as they would call their music, combines street punk and early hardcore with old-school rock and metal, awakening nostalgia and creating new delights.

INSPECTRE (DE) – Rock/Post-Grunge

Inspectre are a 4-piece rock/post-grunge band based in Berlin Germany. The group has been busy working on new material over the past year and are now promoting their upcoming Debut EP titled “ All the Wrong Directions“ which is due out in late spring 2024. Just recently , Inspectre released „Aliens“ and the brand new single „Shining Star“ which have been noted as a giant leap forward in their overall sound which can be described as Spacey post grunge enfused with metal and a dash of hip hop , shoegaze and post punk for good measure.