Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Singer-Songwriter, Indie-Folk
Di 1. Oktober 2019
Jon Campbell
SIRENS Record Release Show Feat. The Ghost of Helags + DJ Daniel Wang

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Indie-Folk

SIRENS is the debut LP from American singer-songwriter and indie-folk artist Jon Campbell. It is his first release since his EP ‚About a Boy’ debuted in 2016.

The album’s 10 tracks oscillate between alt-country and indie folk, with melancholic country ballads like its title track and the song “Broke Me” interspersed with a lo-fi, drum-machine-driven ode called “Lior”, or a jubilant celebration of gay love in the track “Rebels Without a Cause”, which features Berlin’s Pet Shop Bears Choir.

The album’s debut single “Francis” was released on April 12th to considerable acclaim in queer and alternative press:

“Francis showcases Jon’s subtleties and vulnerability as a songwriter. For me personally, it was that feeling of deep sincerity that made the biggest impact – it can be heard in his music, in his voice and it’s conveyed in his paintings. His ability to convey his deepest emotions in music and on canvas is quite startling and unforgettable.”

-Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK

“I almost called the album “Francis” because the song was so instrumental in the creation of the whole record. He was like gatekeeper at the floodgates of a bunch of songs: once he came about, song after song kept coming out of me, sometimes on a daily basis.

It came to me at a very dark period in my life, and it felt like a map to get out of hell. I think of Francis like an inner child, beckoning me to go on the two-year journey that became ‘Sirens’, showing me the way out of a dark place.”

– Campbell for Zap!Bang! Magazine

SIRENS are the intimate recollections of a journey through love and heartbreak as well as destruction and recovery, as told from several perspectives; each song representing different instruments, presenting their stories in their own distinct settings.

The self-produced record’s 10 tracks were recorded in the Berlin-based artist’s bedroom, with additional recordings made at Berlin’s Famous Gold Watch, Funkhaus, AudioCue and Trixx Studios, as well as O’Deer in Brooklyn and The Pool in London.

Campbell presents his own original arrangements on seven of the album’s ten tracks. Tracks 3, 4 & 10 feature arrangements by Jamie Irrepressible. The album is comprised almost entirely of acoustic instrumentation, including acoustic guitar, strings, piano, double bass, drums, brass, oboe, saxophone, and banjo.

Side A features the album’s title track, as well as two remastered tracks from the ‚About a Boy‘ EP. Tracks 3 & 4 were produced by Jamie Irrepressible.

SIRENS features performances by 25 musicians, including guest appearances from The Pet Shop Bears‘ Choir, Jamie Irrepressible, Mikey, Joel Gibb, Malte Schiller, Joey Steffens, Vladislav Nachev, Monk, and Caroline Potter.

Support: The Ghost of Helags

THE GHOST OF HELAGS: a shy Swedish accoustic-electronic dreampop act, filtered through Berlin grit. Everything started on top of The Mountains of Helags, located on the border between Sweden and Norway, where a paranormal experience led them to start making music.

The duo is the meeting of a singer and a producer who has worked with big acts in the past. As a band, they are very quiet, introverted and shy. They never speak on stage. Instead they choose to communicate with the audience through dance and body language.

The Single «I Carry Your Heart », released in December, was very popular and Spotify put the beautiful song immediately on their New Music Friday Playlist (amazing 477k Followers) and their Indie Radar, Van Life and Wintergefühle Playlists.

The new Single « Autobahn Lullaby » is a song about following your dreams, facing your doubts and facing tomorrow.