Wir öffnen für Euch wieder  am 1.Oktober. Vorerst ist die Öffnung laut aktueller Verordnung des Berliner Senats nur für 2G möglich. Wir hoffen, dass es bald wieder möglich sein wird, Euch alle wieder als Gäste begrüßen zu dürfen.

We will open again for you on October 1st. According to the current ordinance of the Senate of Berlin, we can only welcome you with 2G. We hope to welcome back all of you as soon as possible.

Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Metal / Rock
Sa 8. Dezember 2018
Kings of Gravity | Final Stair | New Greed

Genre: Metal / Rock


Atmospheric hardness, bluesy melancholy and a healthy dose of dolefulness – this pretty much sums up the sound of the KINGS OF GRAVITY. With its perfectly balanced mix of Metal, Stoner, Blues and Dark Rock, the Berlin quintet led by singer and award winning film composer David Ossa delivers the leaden soundtrack to our strife-ridden times. There’s no simple scratching at music’s emotional surface for KINGS OF GRAVITY. They dig way deeper, shirking hackneyed and empty clichés. They’re about dark energy, for the mind and soul!

Final Stair:

Final Stair allure an entire generation with their pure and honest sound. The band nurtures a generation craving for true emotions and honest story telling.