Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Funk Pop & HipHop
Mi 12. April 2023
Funk and Groove Explosion | Support: ARIA + TOMAS MORGAN

Genre: Funk Pop & HipHop

The KUMA COLLECTIVE presents a night full of groovy dance music and Hip Hop!

The Kuma Collective is a 6-piece artist collectiveled by producer and guitarist Andrés Simon andfronted by Pilar Pimenta (Lead Vocals) as well asTomas Morgan (Rap and Keys).
The sound of the collective focuses on a high-energy Pop, combining Funk with Hip HOP, and lyrics that focus on love and it’s hardships. The goal is to capture a Club atmosphere in all its forms. The main elements of the Kuma sound are driven beats, intricate sound design that incorporates heavy synthesis, interesting sample manipulation as well as traditional instruments such as a live drumkit, bass and Prince inspired funk-guitars.