Halt’s Maul und lies!

DIE ÄRZTE lesen für Berliner Liveclubs aus FILs „Didi & Stulle“

Berliner Liveclubs veranstalten gemeinsam eine Lesung mit der Berliner Band die ärzte (ohne Rod). Bela & Farin lesen (ohne Rod und ohne Live-Publikum) im legendären Berliner Club SO36 aus „Didi & Stulle“, dem Meisterwerk des formidablen Berliner Comic-Tausendsassas Fil. Der Eintritt zur exklusiven Ausstrahlung der Lesung ist freiwillig und in der Höhe frei wählbar. Es gilt: Viel hilft viel. Alle Eintrittsgelder kommen renommierten Berliner Livekonzert-Clubs zu Gute, die Corona-bedingt geschlossen haben und um ihre Existenz kämpfen.

die ärzte lesen aus „Didi & Stulle“:


FAQ zur Lesung: https://www.bademeister.com/dieaerztelesenfaq



die ärzte sind Die Beste Band der Welt, kommen aus Berlin (aus Berlin!) und bestehen aus Bela B, Farin Urlaub und Rodrigo González.Fil ist Der Lustigste Mensch des Universums, Comiczeichner und -autor, Sänger, Entertainer, Genie und Wahnsinn und kommt aus Berlin.Didi & Stulle sind die berühmtesten Comicfiguren von Fil, hatten ihren ersten Aufritt Mitte der 80er-Jahre im Berliner Stadtmagazin Zitty, wo sie ab 1997 regelmäßig erschienen, und kommen aus Berlin.Das SO36 ist einer der bekanntesten Konzertclubs des Landes und existiert in dieser Form seit 1978. In Berlin.

Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Progressive Rock
Sa 7. September 2019

Genre: Progressive Rock

LEBOWSKI are a band whose style the musicians themselves refer to as „music for a nonexistent film“, music which is a mix of art-rock, progressive rock and film music.

Their debut album „Cinematic“, released in 2010, is a tribute to the outstanding figures of Polish cinema; the music is interspersed with and complimented by original quotes from some of the classic films of Polish and world cinematography.

The band, independent of major record labels, has managed to make a long and impressive journey. „Cinematic“ was met with an enthusiastic response by listeners of ambitious rock music not just in Poland but world-wide. This response was marked by the excellent CD sales of more than 7,000 copies and a sold-out vinyl LP limited edition; hundreds of reviews in around 30 countries world-wide and numerous appearances and radio interviews.

Lebowski have appeared in numerous Opinion polls and album rankings in Poland, Canada, Finland, Italy and Brazil. The „Polish Album of the Year“ and „Debut of the Year“ titles were given to „Cinematic“ by readers of Metal Hammer monthly magazine and listeners of the Italian radio station, Radio Rock FM. Favorable reviews and articles have also appeared in music magazines such as Teraz Rock (Poland), Lizard (Poland), Nocturne (Serbia), Inferno (Finland) and many more.

In June 2017, a live album, „Lebowski plays Lebowski“ was released, consisting of 10 tracks, including 6 newly released titles, It was recorded during the band’s performance at the Tennis Music Festival in Szczecin, Poland in 2016. The release of the album was met with a warm reception by listeners and reviewers alike. A review in Metal Hammer gave the release 5 stars.

For Lebowski 2018 is marked by the release of a new studio album, „Galactica“. For the recording of this album the quartet invited, among others, the legend of world jazz, the outstanding German trumpeter – Markus Stockhausen who also collaborated with Lebowski on their 2013 single release, „Goodbye My Joy“ which spent 17 weeks in the Hit List of the Polish radio station Radiowa Trójka. Recently, the long-term bassist of the group, Marek Żak, was replaced by Ryszard Łabul, well-known from the Indios Bravos group.

The band’s concert performances combine spectacular sound and visual settings, making them unforgettable both in intimate club conditions as well as on a big stage in front of a large audience. Recent performances include the International Rock Conspiracy in Berlin, the Ino-Rock Festival in Inowrocław alongside Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) and the Swedish band Pain Of Salvation and the 2018 Progressive Rock Festival in Toruń where Lebowski was the headline act.