Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Hip Hop
Konzert & Party
Fr 11. August 2023
Konzert & Party
Mente Sabia Crú
After Show Party: Dj Perez & Cidtronyck

Genre: Hip Hop

Terrible, Dr. Bene, Mc Unabez, Matiah Chinaski and Dj Pérez are the five rappers that make up Mente Sabia Crú.
Formed at the end of 2003, first as a trio of friends and then as a musical collective, Mente Sabia Crú has established itself as one of the Chilean Hip Hop bands with the longest trajectory and active maintenance.

Cidtronyck is a well-known Chilean Dj & Producer, through years has dug and collected several vinyls, in this Dj’s collection you’ll find gems in genres such as Hip Hop, Afro Beat, House, Funk Carioca, DanceHall and much more… Cidtronyck Instagram