Wir öffnen für Euch wieder  am 1.Oktober. Vorerst ist die Öffnung laut aktueller Verordnung des Berliner Senats nur für 2G möglich. Wir hoffen, dass es bald wieder möglich sein wird, Euch alle wieder als Gäste begrüßen zu dürfen.

We will open again for you on October 1st. According to the current ordinance of the Senate of Berlin, we can only welcome you with 2G. We hope to welcome back all of you as soon as possible.

Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Disco / House
Sa 3. Juni 2017
music for the left footed

Genre: Disco / House

Oops, We did it again! Do not worry, this will be the last pop-music reference you will hear all night long (Oops, again!) at the next Music for the left footed-Fiesta at Privat club this coming Saturday, the 3rd of June.

Expect a quality DJ-consistency to fulfill your monthly Buti-Sheikh Yoga deeds as researchers recently found out Disco Bombs and House Bangers serve the ideal frequencies for full-body relaxation and Mind ecstasis. (Source unknown)

->Vegan vinyl
->Gluten-free grooves
->Organic music
*NEW* -> BIO-certified! Schwaben may enter!
->Low money guarantee

As always everyone is welcome. Bring your granny, bring your pets. (No pets allowed).
Old people welcome. Young people welcome. Mid-aged, “I-just-wanna-party-to-forget-about-the-troubles-of-my-job-GOD-I-HATE-MY-BOSS-SO-MUCH”-people welcome.

All humans welcome.

Extra terrestrial lifeforms needs peace check at entrance door. Sorry, too little experience with you guys.

Sven-Marquardesque entry denial for the following: Sexism, nationalism

(***Note: No feet fetish event***)