Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Disco / House
Sa 3. Juni 23:30
music for the left footed

Genre: Disco / House

Last party we got sick. We got the dance-sickness and it seems to be mostly our left foot that is itching.
To cure this sickness we want to invite you to a public curing event for (and from) left footed dancers.

The third edition of our hand-crafted jungle paradise at Privat Club is due.
No compromises though. We will keep up our quality promise, that Hip never stood up to.


159,3% Sacred Disco
253,7% Holy House*
405,9% Planted Plants

->vegan vinyl
->Gluten-free grooves
->Organic music

(Recommended minimum doses for adults. To live and maintain a healthy lifestyle music for the left footed recommend to consume those on an average Saturday night.)

We offer Buti Sheikh Yoga sessions all night.
We offer trips to botanic nature exhibits.
We offer musical journeys from Brandenburg to Astral Travel.
We welcome diversity in all of its facets.

You can expect a D I V E R S E selection of -ever- unknown DJs serving you hot plates on the decks until they burn.

Be aware: Music quality increase significantly higher than Staffelmieten in Friedrichshain

Please us and you by bringing a Disco/Boogie record or CD from Japan from 1987. We will drop it straight on those decks!

(***Note: No feet fetish event;
Does not contain traces of Sexism, free of nationalism;
*May contain traces of banging tunes)