Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Disco / House
Sa 5. August 2017
music for the left footed

Genre: Disco / House

Oops, We did it again! Do not worry, this will be the last pop-music reference you will hear all night long (Oops, again!) at the next Music for the left footed-Fiesta at Privat club this coming Saturday, the 3rd of June.

Expect a quality DJ-consistency to fulfill your monthly Buti-Sheikh Yoga deeds as researchers recently found out Disco Bombs and House Bangers serve the ideal frequencies for full-body relaxation and Mind ecstasis. (Source unknown)

->Vegan vinyl
->Gluten-free grooves
->Organic music
*NEW* -> BIO-certified! Schwaben may enter!
->Low money guarantee

As always everyone is welcome. Bring your granny, bring your pets. (No pets allowed).
Old people welcome. Young people welcome. Mid-aged, “I-just-wanna-party-to-forget-about-the-troubles-of-my-job-GOD-I-HATE-MY-BOSS-SO-MUCH”-people welcome.

All humans welcome.

Extra terrestrial lifeforms needs peace check at entrance door. Sorry, too little experience with you guys.

Sven-Marquardesque entry denial for the following: Sexism, nationalism

(***Note: No feet fetish event***)