Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Alternative Rock
Sa 3. April 2021
"EU/UK Tour Spring 2021" / Special Guests: Thousand Below + Caskets
Veranstaltung wurde verschoben / Event has been rescheduled

Das Konzert wird vom 03.04.21 auf den 31.10.21 verschoben. Die Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit!

Genre: Alternative Rock

Stockholm, Sweden’s best kept secret Normandie have today released the stunning single/video ‚Jericho‘ (via Easy Life)- the band’s first new music in 2 years since the ‚White Flag‘ album which celebrates over 24 Million Global streams to date. We all have our secrets. Whether we’re ready to face them or not, each and every one of us has something buried deep down inside that we desperately keep hidden away from the prying, judging eyes of the rest of the world. But sometimes those secrets become so powerful that they can no longer stay buried, festering and gnawing at our souls so much that they can stop us from living life to the fullest. He didn’t realise it until recently, but singer Philip Strand was harbouring one such secret for the longest time.

Not anymore. Now, the Normandie singer is ready to open up and share his true story for the first time, and the band’s propulsive, incendiary new single ‚Jericho‘ represents the first chapter in that tale. “When we first wrote Jericho I was actually singing about something else,” he begins. “It was originally about a relationship where the other person was very cold hearted and they didn’t really give away any emotions but it became increasingly clear that something else was driving the song.“

“Writing became like a therapy session for me, all of a sudden,” he explains, “I felt like there was something deeper I wanted to touch on. I wanted to touch base and just really go into this emotion. Something was driving me down there, into myself. So I made a conscious decision to write about my personal experiences for the first time. I felt like it was time. I went back and I switched some words around so that the entire meaning of the song shifted. It’s became about breaking down the old to give way and form something completely new…”

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