Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
So 11. Juni 2023
Planet Of Zeus
Support: Kaskadeur

Genre: Metal

Planet of Zeus have entered the building for an alive and kicking party full of heavy riffs, gritty melodies and foot stomping grooves.

“How was the heavy rock scene in Greece” you ask, before Planet of Zeus made their debut at the dawn of the third millennium? A band that needs no introduction, for its enviable success and indisputable chemistry on stage are nothing short of becoming part of Greek Mythology.
Having one sold-out gig after another, in every city and every venue, Planet of Zeus have gone beyond the narrow bounds of their country’s music scene, playing their heavy groove riffs around the world.
With their wicked five albums—“Eleven the Hard Way” (2008), “Macho Libre” (2011), “Vigilante” (2014), “Loyal to the Pack” (2016), Faith in Physics” (2019)—and their breathtaking gigs in Greece and across the earth, the band managed to wed on stage Lynyrd Skynyrd to Mastodon and Allman Brothers to Clutch, and to carry us away with dance, hope, and a pathway to a better future.
Planet of Zeus’ last album “Faith in Physics” is the ideal soundtrack for the dystopian state of our planet, a heavy rock outburst, with socio-politically engaged lyrics and a charged atmosphere, “in a world dominated by irrationalism, where far-right politics and fundamentalism are gaining ground, while freedom of speech is in jeopardy.”
Digitization, religion, pseudo-revolution on social media, addiction of all kinds are topics that the quartet inject into their new breed of nostalgic rock proceedings.
Planet of Zeus are in the studio writing the next rumpus to their discography, and are ready to reign their thunder upon the masses in 2022.

Örtlicher Veranstalter: Seaside Entertainment