Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Fr 10. Januar 2020
Ran Nir
Obsession - Album release show

Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Ran Nir is mostly known as a founding member of the band „Asaf Avidan & The Mojos“ and as the singer-songwriter and frontman of the band „LFNT“. After a fruitful career with the two bands & a relocation to Berlin, Where Ran has been living for the past five years, he is now releasing his 1st solo album “Obsession”.
Obsessed by the never-ending noise of thoughts in his head and the pursuit of the unreachable, unobtainable and most likely nonexistent concept of absolute truth, Ran attempts to find a meaning and a cure for life with his music. all the while remaining optimistic about what life has to offer and how we all can make it better for us and for everyone else.

“Obsession“ is Ran Nir’s debate solo album. The album was recorded and produced by Ran Nir and Erez Frank in Ran’s Berlin Apartment.
After a musical career with Asaf Avidan & The Mojos, and as LFNT, and after many years of playing Rock music on stages all over the world, Ran is now focused more on himself. “Obsession“ is an observation into Ran’s self.
The album is a journal of Ran’s life in the past five years or so, moving from Tel-Aviv to Berlin, trying to escape the lonely life of a single-man and looking for a deeper meaning; love, family, friends, things that matter most, yet often get lost along the way, substituted for one obsession or another.
In this capitalistic, fast-track, rat-race of a world we live in, where the lines between art and hype get’s blurred constantly and FOMO makes us all miss ourselves, this album tries to make sense of it all. Indie-Folk, Freak-Folk, Bedroom-Folk, call it what you will, these are songs that tell these stories through Ran’s personal point of view, and though it is told from Ran’s experience it fits many of us out there, looking to find ourselves within the endless noise of the life around us. It’s ok to be sad, it makes room for happiness to shine, just don’t get stuck on one Obsession. Oh and one more thing, Global warming is real.

The live band was formed in Berlin with a group of amazing musicians who also play with amazing artists such as: Totemo, Noga Erez, Dan Billu, Max Prosa and more.
The live band:
Ran Nir – Singer, Acoustic guitar
Erez Frank – Guitar, Keyboard
Dan Billu – Bass
Ran Jacobovitz – Drums