Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Sa 4. November 2023
Scream Of The Butterfly + AfroDiziac
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Veranstaltung wurde abgesagt / Event has been canceled

Scream Of The Butterfly

Genre: Rock

“Crunching riffs, sexy swaggering vocals, keyboards right out of the Heep play book, thundering bass and bombastic drums. All done with a true DIY spirit and electrifying live shows!” (Byker Grave Bookings, Newcastle, UK SEP-2022)
Berlin vintage rockers SCREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY work a tinge of grunge into their forward rhythmic & hammond driven music, influenced by the sound that exploded in the sixties and spread its wings in the seventies.The solid power of massive riffs topped with melodic hooks and a distinctly modern rock-vocal style deliver an energetic stage performance combined with a road trip feeling.


Born to Brazilian immigrants in Halifax, Nova Scotia, AFRODIZIAC is no stranger to the label of „The Outsider“. Without a sense of home, always moving from place to place and never fitting in, cultural clashingbegan to brew what would become the beginning of an underdog’s tale.
It was the raw and unrefined energy of Rock n‘ Roll that caught his immediate attention and soon blossomed into obsession.
Europe provided a new perspective in shaping a signature sound he calls his „Sonic Fingerprint“. Against all odds, AfroDiziac has defied the shortcomings of a typical „Small Town“ mentality, surviving the scrutiny of being placed under the label of „The Outsider“. Always uncompromisingly himself, it never mattered to fit in.