Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Synthpop / Indie Pop
Sa 24. März 2018
SPT & Band | Nature in the City 2.0

Genre: Synthpop / Indie Pop

It’s happening for the first time: SPT with full band and Nature in the City share the stage at Privatclub. It’s an unlikely fit. Or maybe it’s not. But either way, it’s going to be a wild night with costume changes, lots of synth and lots of pop, reverb and darkish party sexiness.

Stephen Paul Taylor is a Post-Synthpop-Retrowave musician living in Berlin, Germany. He is the glittery, glammed-up lovechild of Depeche Mode and the B52s. SPT moved from Planet Party to Berlin and went viral in 2015 with his world-anthem, “Everybody Knows S**t’s F****d”.

Nature in the City’s name contains an important reminder, that we are still part of nature despite living in the city. Always evolving. If you know them as singer-songwriting mellow band with double bass and guitar you might get surprised. As this night will show you the other side of NITC. 2.0 is multi-instrumentalist Johannes on Synthbass and Drums and Robin with a totally new set of songs.