Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Indie | Soul
Konzert & Party
Sa 20. Oktober 2018
Konzert & Party
Firestation Records 21 Years Birthday Allnighter
Für dieses Konzert können Tickets ohne VVK-Gebühren auch im Privatclub Office erworben werden: Mo. - Fr. von 11 bis 16 Uhr, Skalitzer Str. 85-86, Toreinfahrt links, Aufgang A.

Genre: Indie | Soul

We are celebrating our 21th birthday with a another allnighter! We invited two brilliant bands to join us on this special night of October, 20st 2018 at Privatclub in Berlin.

Stone Foundation (UK)
+ Candy Opera (UK)
+ Aftershow party with Ship Shape Club and Friends

Now, let us introduce to you the two bands that will entertain you on this very special night rounding up the 20th birthday of our fine little label, and eventually celebrating its 21st birthday!

Hailing from the poorer parts of Liverpool, Candy Opera, based around mastermind Paul Malone, will be kicking off the night. The band started in the early 1980’s, when good friend Michael Head (of Pale Fountains fame) lived just around the corner. With their musical background rooted in the 1960’s, and influenced by bands like Love and The Beach Boys, Candy Opera soon started to create their very own sound, which went way beyond classic Indie Pop. Their Sophisti-Pop can best be compared to the likes of Prefab Sprout and Aztec Camera. By augmenting their line-up and using instruments like clarinet, flute and violin, Candy Opera sounded way ahead of their time. This, unfortunately led to the band disbanding in the early 90’s, without ever releasing a record, though there was some interest from labels like EMI and Go! Discs. Finally, they are back again on stage, after having received raving reviews for the first LP „45 Revolutions Per Minute“, which was released on our very own label earlier this year. Candy Opera will be accompanied by a film team in Berlin doing a documentary on the „great lost band“. So, be prepared to watch the Liverpool band that could have been bigger than the Beatles!

Our second live band, Stone Foundation, founded by co-writers Neil Sheasby and Neil Jones in the late ’90s in London, is among the prime purveyors of British Soul today. Having been around for almost 20 years, Stone Foundation have built up a strong live following in the UK. With their distinctive horn-driven, soulful sound, with clear reminiscences of classic 60’s and Northern Soul, and yet with a very british flavour, their sound is not too dissimlar to the likes of Dexys and early Style Council. This combination of musical styles also aroused some attention by a certain Mr. Weller. In fact, Paul liked their music so much that he asked them if he could write, sing, play and produce an album with them. The resulting LP „Street Rituals“ reached no. 25 the UK album charts and no. 2 in the indie charts last year, and finally gave them the well-deserved success. With this experience, their craftmanship, and their notorious habit to make each and every live show a very unique event, Stone Foundation will surely be taking Berlin by storm! And who knows, maybe Paul Weller will be joining them on stage for a song or two…

After the show, the Ship Shape DJ-team and friends will make sure to keep you on your dancing feet. They will entertain you with their very own blend of everything you always wanted to know about good Pop Music but were afraid to ask.