Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
So 3. Dezember 2017
Support: Arienne

Genre: Rap

This year there has been a great itinerating hip hop event in Italy: we’re talking about the Tanta Roba label tour, that brought on 5 important stages in the country a show involving their entire roster: Gemitaiz, Madman and Priestess.

Now it’s time for a European tour, with 5 unique dates in cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin, Barcelona, Paris and, for the first time, London too.
It will be a European introduction for the urban sounds lovers in the continent but also a great chance for the Italian residents outside of the national borders to enjoy a show that’s really an event: for Priestess’ performance, the true feminine “next big thing” in the Italian urban scene, for the concert – as a combo – of MadMan and Gemitaiz, that are coming back to present a show together after some months and two years after their last fortunate tour together.

For Tanta Roba it will be the chance to launch an international event with a unique impact because of the strength of the involved artists but also because of its formula, a true party held by the label that during the past 5 years has contributed to bringing rap and hip hop at a level of fame that was unseen in Italy.

MadMan and Gemitaiz are among the most influential rappers for this generation and their credibility as artists has been built over time, with their works as a couple from the debut with “Haterproof” and “Detto, Fatto” passing by “Kepler” that reached the peak of the Italian album sales charts and was recognized as a Gold Record. Gemitaiz and MadMan have then implemented solo projects at a very high level: Gemitaiz’s single “Bene” was certified as a Platinum Disc and the solo album “Nonostante Tutto” is a mature work, musically various and fascinating, certified as Gold Album in 2016.

Gemitaiz is at the moment touring the major Italian clubs with sold-out dates everywhere without the support of radio singles or a new unpublished album.

MadMan has on his side credible numbers on the digital stores and YouTube too, 2 successful mix tapes and a solo album that has consecrated his credibility as an artist that’s transversal and endowed with an exceptional technique, unique in the Italian rap panorama.

Then Priestess will be there: since February she has entered the Tanta Roba roster. Her first three singles “Torno Domani”, “Maria Antonietta” and “Amica Pusher”, recently published, have brought the young singer to the attention of listeners and music industry professionals.
When live, Priestess, who has recently opened concerts for Gemitaiz and Mad Man, is a true force of nature, proving precision, solidity, vocal abilities and a great presence on stage – all fundamental characteristics for an urban-contemporary artist.

Tanta Roba’s tour will be opened by Arienne, 1995 born young DJ, with her hyper fresh selections. She’s also a member of Basement Collective: one of the most active realities in the Italian clubbing scene.