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DIE ÄRZTE lesen für Berliner Liveclubs aus FILs „Didi & Stulle“

Berliner Liveclubs veranstalten gemeinsam eine Lesung mit der Berliner Band die ärzte (ohne Rod). Bela & Farin lesen (ohne Rod und ohne Live-Publikum) im legendären Berliner Club SO36 aus „Didi & Stulle“, dem Meisterwerk des formidablen Berliner Comic-Tausendsassas Fil. Der Eintritt zur exklusiven Ausstrahlung der Lesung ist freiwillig und in der Höhe frei wählbar. Es gilt: Viel hilft viel. Alle Eintrittsgelder kommen renommierten Berliner Livekonzert-Clubs zu Gute, die Corona-bedingt geschlossen haben und um ihre Existenz kämpfen.

die ärzte lesen aus „Didi & Stulle“:


FAQ zur Lesung: https://www.bademeister.com/dieaerztelesenfaq



die ärzte sind Die Beste Band der Welt, kommen aus Berlin (aus Berlin!) und bestehen aus Bela B, Farin Urlaub und Rodrigo González.Fil ist Der Lustigste Mensch des Universums, Comiczeichner und -autor, Sänger, Entertainer, Genie und Wahnsinn und kommt aus Berlin.Didi & Stulle sind die berühmtesten Comicfiguren von Fil, hatten ihren ersten Aufritt Mitte der 80er-Jahre im Berliner Stadtmagazin Zitty, wo sie ab 1997 regelmäßig erschienen, und kommen aus Berlin.Das SO36 ist einer der bekanntesten Konzertclubs des Landes und existiert in dieser Form seit 1978. In Berlin.

Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Do 1. September 2016
The Greasy Slicks
Support: The Vim Dicta

Genre: Rock

There’s a lot of talk these days about the “death of the music industry”, and while this may ring true for certain aspects of it (in that less people are actually buying recorded music since the introduction of streaming platforms), how can you “kill” an art form? It’s impossible to simulate the live music experience which is why, in the age of high budget, polished‐to‐perfection recordings which many acts struggle to pull off on stage, The Greasy Slicks concentrate on delivering unique and powerfully impressive performances through religious rehearsal and meticulous attention to detail.

The Greasy Slicks are Jack Kendrew on guitar and vocals, drummer and vocalist Rian O’Grady, and Nathan Rasdall on bass. They produce and deliver powerful live performances, executed with precision and distinct groove. The results reflect just how unique they are as musicians and songwriters, whilst clearly absorbing elements of grunge and blues as a means to establish their own prevailing style.
The most important thing to this contemporary blues‐rock trio is playing music that they want to play – not catering to the masses and jumping on fashionable trends. To sum up their core principles; they play real, honest rock and roll. And this comes across in their lyrics. Harking back to a time when songs had meaning and emotional depth, The Slicks write from a sincere and often painful place. Singing about personal experience, their lyrics are relatable. By avoiding the “catfish and whiskey” clichés so discernible in the current blues scene, and employing more alluring songwriting techniques, The Greasy Slicks stand out from the crowd.
Having toured abundantly over the last three years, this band is a tight‐knit, dynamically intricate machine, with feel and groove for days. To put it simply, if you like good music they are a must‐see act. But, whilst a huge part of what these guys stand for, it’s not all about the live shows. An equal amount of energy is invested into the songwriting process ‐ a truly collaborative effort. There is no sole contributor in this band, but instead each member devotes individual strengths to the collective procedure. The Slicks are self‐proclaimed perfectionists and are brutally critical of their work. The results are recordings that manage to capture an energy and maturity far beyond their years.

With the bands second EP release ‘Fool Me Twice’ available on April 22, they now look forward to releasing their debut album later this year, supported by UK & European shows.

The Greasy Slicks have youth on their side and, in the age of the throwaway band, truly bring something different to the table.

Örtlicher Veranstalter: Trinity Music