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Liebe Gäste.
Auf  Verordnung des Berliner Senat’s, zur Eindämmung des Corona Virus, bleibt auch der Privatclub weiterhin geschlossen.
Wir hoffen Euch nach der Krise wieder bei uns bei Konzerten und Partys, so wie sie einmal waren begrüßen zu dürfen.
Wir wünschen Euch allen solange viel Glück, Mut und vor allem Gesundheit. Euer Privatclub Team

Dear guests.
By order of the Berlin Senate to contain the Corona Virus, the private club also remains closed.
After the crisis we hope to see you again at concerts and parties as they once were.
We wish you all the best of luck, courage and, above all, health. Your Privatclub team.

Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
6ts & 7ts Upfront Rare Soul
Sa 28. Januar 2017
The Hip City Soul Club

Genre: 6ts & 7ts Upfront Rare Soul

HIP CITY SOUL CLUB, spinning the best in Rare, Obscure and Upfront Soul from the 1960`s and 70s! Get ready for the next episode in the continuing..erm..“saga“ 😉 feat. resident rascals Marc Forrest and Franz Heidl!

Germanys driving force in rare Soul since 1990.

The last party truly WAS awesome to say the least and included everything a great party needs plus then some..:)) but I am sure we will manage to do it all over again with this this years final Hip City Soul Club (except for our big new years eve ReggaeSteadySoul Weekender of course) ! We will greet a novice behind our decks…not a novice in DJ terms though ! DJ SPU MATU (HH) !
So don`t look any further, if its
– real deal UPFRONT RARE SOUL –
you`re looking for its well in front of you – catered for by Marc Forrest, Franz Heidl and special guest DJ Spu Matu (HH)

„Gimme two blocks line, ´cause baby it`s R&B time!“

Line Up:
Marc Forrest
Franz Heidi
DJ Spu Matu