Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Indie, Rock
So 5. Februar 2023
Winter Sounds
Live: The Nemean Lions + Gunnar Lines + Half of a Rainbow

Season Sounds Berlin

Genre: Indie, Rock

Season Sounds is a multifaceted events company based and founded in Berlin. They provide seasonally themed genre diverse music experiences.
Season Sounds works with a vibrant array of up and coming bands and established Berlin based acts. From Reggae to funk, rock to punk, Season Sounds are to be enjoyed by everyone. Each season we organize a concert which is themed according to the time of the year.
Working with Berlin artists we strengthen and aim at the growth of the local music scene.

Having a team of designers, promoters and industry professionals we create quality over quantity in our events. Our goal is to make musiscianship a form of profession that has the same recognition as other professions and pay the parties involved accordingly without diminishing the concert experience of fans. Season sounds make sure that music is accessible to everyone, by ensuring a safe space to minorities such as the LGBTQ+ community, BiPOC, and other discriminated members of society, as well as working exclusively with barrier free venues.

The Nemean Lions

The Nemean Lions are an Indie Surf Soul band based in Berlin. Starting out as a bedroom project from Singer and Multiinstrumentalist Yannick they have already released 3 self-made EPs with each of them expanding their sound. At first being inspired by more classic Indie and Indie Rock bands other influences from Blues to Funk and more recently also Soul started to come into the picture.

The core of their sound has always been a good grove and some delicately woven melodies within textures of guitars, bass, drums and keys. Painting a picture with their colorful sound their music is meant to take you onto a journey to the sunny side of the world.

Half of a Rainbow

Half of a rainbow is the art pop project of Berlin musician Johannes Harder. In the tradition of home recording legends such as the Cleaners From Venus and Guided By Voices, he blends catchy pop melodies with his love for experimental elements. Coming from a classical music background, half of a rainbow has taught himself several instruments over the years and quickly developed an interest in alternative methods of recording, especially using cassettes with the intention of challenging himself. In his energetic live shows, he is supported by his band the electric sound of joy.

Gunnar Lines

Gunnar Lines is an alternative reggae band from Berlin. Gunnar Lines is supported by the Mamajambas, musicians who come from all over the world. Founded in 2020 the band has recorded their first album with a 12 piece ensemble. The live band (mamajambas) consist of vocalist, producer and guitarist Gunnar van der Stelt, Vocalist Laura Jimenez, Bassist Michiel Sybers, Vocalist Rebecca Eriksson, Percussionist Sebastian Nunez. Gunnar Lines started out as a one man live looper project where he would create a band sound by live recording samples and looping these. However the energy of Sebastian Nunez inspired Gunnar to seek a more band orientated sound. Inspired by legends such us: Stick Figure, Sticky fingers, Tash sultana and Kbong the band makes an alternative reggae sound which is unique to the Berlin music scene. Our goal is to create an ethically responsible way to play reggae and make it part of the Berlin music scene. We are no strangers to street music and play regularly on the streets of Berlin. This to us is the most honest way to see the appriciation of the people. Their positive energy gives us the strength to keep on going with our craft.

Örtlicher Veranstalter: Gunnar Lines