Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Dance, Electronic
Sa 20. April 2024
Support: Captain Zorx

Genre: Dance, Electronic

Attention Humans! This is HENGE.
We are not from this world.
We bring you music from distant planets.
We offer this gift for the edification of humankind… so that eventually your species may put an end to war and set up new homes in space.

Extra-terrestrial joymongers – HENGE – have been delighting audiences in the UK and Europe since they landed on Planet Earth eight years ago. Their scintillating live performances earned them ‘Best Live Act’ at the Independent Festival Awards and they have since cemented their reputation with three acclaimed albums, numerous tours and regular main-stage festival appearances.

Their music escapes definition, but occupies a space between rave and prog rock that nobody knew existed. It is energetic, subversive and invigoratingly playful, jovially going ‘where no one has gone before’. Ultimately, HENGE are spreading a message of hope which leaves audiences feeling amused and uplifted in equal measures.

Captain Zorx

Captain Zorx is the reincarnation of THE intergalactic super hero.
Blown to pieces by some wicked sourpusses, the captain managed to split his being into four colour components before total destruction: Mr. Yellow, Mr. Red, Mr. Green and Mr. Aubergine.

These four components are able to act independently from another but if they combine forces( on stage, in the rehearsal-room or wherever there’s cheap beer and nachos) the CAPTAIN rises from the darkest realms of the universe to fight his eternal fight against evil forces and wicked hairdresses out there.

In Berlin, Germany and now throughout the entire universe such an event is known as a „Stimmungsattacke“ (roughly translated „mood attack“) and if you mention this word in presence of a Crabby Quibbler from Septa Tauris 6 you’ll be surprised how fast these sluggish bastards can run!

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