Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Jazz / Rock
Di 27. März 20:00

Genre: Jazz / Rock

MOE gives voice to multiple musical genres that exist severally and form a meaningful and exciting integrity together. The music arises from the triangle of Jazz, Rock, and Blues which the album is based on. The music also diversifies towards multiple forms such as drum’n bass, punk, even beyond formlessness. The album comprises of seven compositions. Besides, the album provides the joy of the creative and skillfully played music for the listeners, MOE also gives chance to broaden the listeners‘ horizon.

MadenOktemErsonmez’s distinctive musical style, the creativity of the band’s members, their artfulness while playing their instruments and the experience from their early “Quartet Muartet” days offer their audience an unusual musical story in every composition. Their first album “MÖE” that is released under Kabak & Lin Records breaks new ground with its compositions without being a subject to limitations and cliches, Sarp Maden, Volkan Öktem and Alp Ersönmez’s bold forms and formlessness that are created by band’s members influence on one another, mutual tones that take solos’ place and synergy of distinctive musical elements.

Sarp Maden – Guitar, Electronics
Volkan Öktem – Drums
Alp Ersönmez – Bass

Örtlicher Veranstalter: XJAZZ