Skalitzer Straße 85-86, Berlin Kreuzberg
Di 13. Juni 2023
Moran Magal
Time Prisoner Release Concert

Genre: Metal

Moran Magal is both an incredibly gifted pianist and a versatile songwriter with a captivating signature voice that’s easy to recognise.

After releasing three albums as a solo artist, Moran moved to Berlin from Israel and put together a band under her name.
Moran’s talent did not go unnoticed in the scene either, which has led to her working with well-known acts such as Warrel Dane (Nevermore), Orphaned Land and Tanzwut.

The album from Moran Magal & band Under your Bed – which was released in August 2019 has received praises from international webzines, bloggers and metal magazines such as Metallian, Rock It!, Orkus, Fireworks Magazine and Metal Temple. The album was also played by radio stations across Europe such as Loop Side World of L, Radio Dark Fire, Campus Radios and more.

Moran Magal presents a unique musical style that combines Dark – Epic Rock, and Folk Metal with some progressive influences.
Despite this mixture, Moran Magal’s songs are consistently catchy and can easily attract fans of all genres, and not only metal-heads.
As Moran’s hands glide over the piano as an extension of her body, Moran’s unique vocal depth blends light with dark, pain with humor, and honesty from the intimacy of her soul with stirring melodies.

Floating between Marcos Feminella and Ishay Sommer’s punchy drum & bass section, Moran Magal immediately draws the listeners into a vivid emotional world, supported by Moran’s magical voice and piano, and the vibrant dialogue between Thomas Kock’s powerful guitar and Shir-Ran Yinon’s expressive violin.
Moran Magal & band have finished working on Moran’s fifth studio album which is written, composed and produced by Moran herself and the co-producer and orchestrator Matthias Alexander Preysinger. Benjamin Schwenen (Tanzwut, Elli Berlin) has mixed and mastered – after successfully doing it as well on Moran’s previous album – Under Your Bed. The album will be released in the near future.